Restube is more than just buoyancy. It is so compact stowed in the pocket that you will wear it all the time while swimming. So you can enjoy your time in the water even more!

Restube swim

for active swimmers  |  Leisure  |  On board  |  Snorkeling  |  Swimming |  Triathlon

“Open water swimming means freedom without limits to me. Restube allows me to swim even further and longer.”

Loic BrandaOlympic & open water swimmer

Restube basic

Fishing | Kayaking | Leisure | On board | Sailing | Snorkeling

“I enjoy my daily swimming across the lake. Since I wear Restube I am swimming more relaxed. I am looking forward to it even more! Also, my family is happy that I always have some buoyancy with me, in case I should ever need it.”

Gudrun DallmannLeisure swimmer & pensioner

Restube classic

Fishing |  Leisure  |  On board  |  Snorkeling  |  Swimming |  Sailing | Stand Up Paddle

“While snorkeling I always have my Restube buoy with me to be able to dive deep into the beautiful underwater world. If it has to go up faster or my child or me want to chill, I just pull the trigger!”

Timo MartensLeisure swimmer & snorkeler

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More freedom in water.

More freedom in water.