RESTUBE Ambassadors

Our RESTUBE Ambassadors come from different areas of water sports. Whether surfing, stand-up paddling, swimming or as a lifeguard – what they all have in common is their love for water and this special freedom that every activity around water gives.

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Janni Hönscheid

Surfer, Model

“The ocean is always different. Restube is with me, so tiny that you can´t even feel it. It simply makes sense.”

Emmanuel Norman

Professional Kitesurfer

“I love kitesurfing. As a professional, I want to feel free when I am alone far out. Restube is my “peace of mind”.”

Florian Jung


“I like most to be on the water during a massiv storm and huge waves. It can always happen to lose your equipment. My Restube is always on the harness and has already helped me in a bad situation in Normandy.”

Rob Hofmann


“Safety is important to me as athlete and role model. Restube is a strong tool that gives me more freedom and safety. And my students are catching up along the way, that it´s key to be aware of your time on the water.”

Stella Groschupf


“Restube is the perfect companion on the water – small and great for more safety.”

Dominik Zimmermann


“For me as a Kite Developer – who is mainly testing prototypes in the water – Restube provides me way more safety without limiting. Not only the R&D Team but the whole company is equipped with Restube now!”


Sonni Hönscheid

SUP World Champion

“With Restube I can focus on this very moment, especially in my Open Ocean Races. It gives me a strong feeling of freedom to give all.”

Kimo Kersting

Professional Stand-Up Paddler

“It´s impressive how much added value is in such a small pocket! And because restubes compact size I wear it all the time around water.”

Carmina & Hionia

Stand-Up Paddler

“Our guardian angel on the water! Quality safety equipment in sports is a must have, with Restube we can always have it with us!”

Swim & Triathlon

Loic Branda

Olympic Swimmer

“Open water swimming means freedom without limits to me. Restube allows me to swim even further and longer.”

Nathalie Pohl


“You swim alone out there. Restube helps me to keep my focus while swimming. The super small system has no drag on the body and is weightless in the water. A pull on the trigger inflates the yellow Restube buoy in seconds, that gives me an even better feeling.”

Oliver Halder


“Safety and a good feeling in the Open Water, without restrictions.”

Wolfgang Grohé


“Training alone, without my teammate, but never without my Restube.”

André Hook


“Restube is my “emergency parachute” for any waters.”


Hendrik Wiegand

Fishing “Belly Boat Man”

“Safety comes first for me as a fly fisherman on the water with my belly boat. Restube gives me the extra sense of safety to fish and relax in the lake. I always have my small ‘airbag’ with me on the water!”

Mario Lange


“As a professional fisherman I spend many days with my kayak on the big rivers and lakes in Europe. Often under very rough conditions. Safety first with my Restube!”

Christoph Vogels


“White water is a lot of fun, it’s just great to feel how much power a stream can develop! Of course I always wear a safety vest, but just in case when we need more buoyancy I always wear my Restube.”


Clemens Menge

Lifeguard DLRG OG Konstanz

“As a lifeguard Restube is great. It is so small that I can carry it all the time. If I have to rescue a swimmer, I can directly jump into the water, have my hands free and enough buoancy to secure the bather.”

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More freedom in water.

More freedom in water.